Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What on Earth is RecruitBot?

Good question! RecruitBot is a web-based software program that uses machine learning and big data to automate the top of the recruiting funnel.

Put it all together and you get a way to help companies hire candidates faster than they’ve ever been able to.

Sounds great, but how is it different from the keyword & search tools that my company already uses?

We don’t want to be cheeky, but using machine learning is faster, cheaper, and better, in pretty much every possible way. Here’s what we mean.

Every “solution” on the resume filtering market involves forcing users to search through resumes by providing a list of specific set of keywords to find potential candidates to reach out to. Which means that if you want to hire someone with a degree from a top university (say, UC Berkeley), you actually have to tell your software explicitly to find every resume in your system with a degree from UC Berkeley.

That, of course, is only a partial solution. Searching for “UC Berkeley” will obviously give you a few great candidates, but you won’t see the candidates that are equally qualified from other great schools that you didn’t explicitly search for (like CalTech or Duke, for example). If you want to find those candidates, you’ll have to create scores of other searches, each naming a different top university, and hope you don’t forget to include any important university in your search.

It can get a bit messy.

And the problem only gets more complicated when you want to isolate other important factors, like a specific company in a candidate’s work history, or even just a job title, which can be incredibly difficult for keyword searching to differentiate. After all, just how many ways can people use different words to say “Software Engineer”?

Okay, so keyword searching isn’t optimal. Why is machine learning so much better?

That’s a good question! Broadly speaking, machine learning is simply the idea that we can give a computer a whole bunch of data, and then let the computer learn and evolve as it uses that data.

For our purposes, that means that RecruitBot can intuit what you like about a specific resume (job history, education, skills, etc.), and then instantly apply that information to every other resume in your system. You don’t have to explicitly tell RecruitBot in ten different ways that you want to find a candidate from a top school—it will figure that out on its own.

Of course, it goes without saying that RecruitBot will highlight only the resumes of candidates you’re likely to reach out to.

So how does RecruitBot work?

It’s simple! All you have to do is rate a few resumes on a five-star scale so that RecruitBot can learn your preferences for the position you’re hiring for. RecruitBot will go ahead and use that information to review and rank every candidate in your ATS, presenting only those you’ll be most excited to contact. That frees up time for you to reach out to star applicants faster than your competitors, which means you’ll fill open positions sooner.

How do people typically use Recruitbot?

RecruitBot works on a few different axes. First, it will instantly evaluate candidates that apply to companies directly, either through job-boards or through your ATS. You’ll receive a notification of a potentially interesting candidate within seconds of that candidate applying, ensuring you can respond to that candidate faster, before your competitors do.

RecruitBot also sifts through your ATS, looking at every candidate in your system to determine whether or not that candidate might be a fit for your current position.

Finally, RecruitBot will aid in your outbound candidate searches by providing a thorough evaluation of each candidate you might want to reach out to.

What other things can RecruitBot do for my company?

That’s a tough question–there are so many! RecruitBot’s impartiality leads to effective diversity hiring, and it helps companies maintain their industry reputation by making it easier to reject poor-fit candidates. RecruitBot can also identify candidates that recruiters might be hesitant to bring to a hiring manager, but in actuality are good fits for the position. This happens more than you’d think, not because of poor alignment recruiters and hiring managers, but simply because recruiters are conditioned to be more conservative for fear of wasting hiring managers’ time.

How often does RecruitBot evaluate candidates?

Pretty much constantly. To state the obvious, RecruitBot refines its understanding of your preferences as it gets more information. In this case, that means that each time you review a resume, RecruitBot will apply its new understanding to each successive resume in your system, and update its recommendations accordingly.

Will RecruitBot remember my company’s preferences for a specific position?

Absolutely. Preserving institutional knowledge is an important feature of our product. RecruitBot will help you hire for the same position days, months, or even years apart. This also means that even if an important member of your recruiting team leaves your company, his or her preferences can still be relied upon.

What if I want my entire team to review candidates?

You can absolutely use RecruitBot in a team-review situation. Any team-member can review a candidate, and RecruitBot will aggregate these ratings into a single team-score. The score is the minimum of all reviews, effectively allowing any team member to “veto” a candidate. This is standard practice in most recruiting processes.

Can RecruitBot help my company become more diverse?

Of course! RecruitBot, by its very nature, is designed to dramatically reduce unconscious bias in the recruiting process. RecruitBot focuses entirely on a candidate’s specific qualifications and talents, and deliberately ignores all surface demographic characteristics in its evaluations, including things like candidate names or photos.

Unfortunately RecruitBot won’t ever be able to address larger issues of systemic discrimination, such as the type that leads to more men than women enrolling in STEM programs at top universities. But we like to think that we’re doing at least some good in the fight to make the world a fairer place.

How will RecruitBot integrate with my ATS?

Setting up the integration is as easy as generating an API key and pasting it into RecruitBot. We have focused on deeply integrating with Greenhouse and Lever to minimize the work needed to do your job as a recruiter. We will automatically show all of your candidates in RecruitBot, and if you prefer, can also automatically reject or move any candidate to the next stage of your hiring funnel based on your evaluations in RecruitBot.

Will using RecruitBot disrupt my existing recruiting process?

Absolutely not. RecruitBot’s sole purpose is to help you filter candidates in your preexisting resume pool. How you source candidates, and how you reach out to candidates, is entirely up to you!

How do you ensure my security and privacy?

We take these issues extremely seriously. We’re glad to provide you with our in-depth security documentation. We’re also GDPR compliant.

How do I delete my account?

Simply send an email to, and we’ll take care of it immediately.