How Do I Reach Out to Candidates Through RecruitBot?

RecruitBot is a powerful recruiting tool, made even more powerful when you integrate it with your email account. When you do so, you’ll be able to send single emails to any number of promising candidates with a single click; set up drip campaigns to those same promising candidates, also with a single click; get analytics about the efficacy of your email campaigns; and manage your correspondence all from within the RecruitBot interface.

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to use RecruitBot to send a single email to a promising candidate, or candidates, that you’d like to get to know better.

After you’ve run a search through our database of 90+ million U.S. candidates, you’ll be presented with a list of hundreds, if not thousands, of people that fit your specified criteria.

Of course, you’ll want the ability to reach out and tell them all about the extraordinary opportunity you’re hiring for. Luckily, that’s easy to do from within RecruitBot. All you have to is click into any candidate page, and then select “Reached Out” from the dropdown menu on the left side of the page.

You can also achieve this same effect from changing the candidate state from the position page:

Either way, a window will pop up that will manage your messages to candidates. (Of course, ideally you’ll have already set up all of your messaging templates.)

For a single, one-off email, just select which template you’d like to use from the drop down menu, and then click the “Send Emails” button on the bottom right.

To begin a drip campaign, select that option at the top of the window, and then select which template you’d like to use for this particular candidate from the ensuing window.

One important feature that you should pay attention to is that RecruitBot will allow you to send the message from any person in your organization who has also integrated their email. All you have to do is select which account you’d like the message from via the dropdown menu.

This allows recruiters to leverage the respect and prestige of the hiring managers in their organizations, and will provide a significant boost in response rates from candidates.