How Do I Set Up Outreach Templates in RecruitBot?

RecruitBot is a powerful recruiting tool, made even more powerful when you integrate it with your email account. When you do so, you’ll be able to send single emails or drip campaigns to any number of promising candidates with a single click; get analytics about the efficacy of your email campaigns; and manage your correspondence all from within the RecruitBot interface.

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to set up outreach templates, so you can maximize the chances that the candidates you’d like to get to know better will actually respond to your messages.

To begin, click on your account name on the top-right corner of any page in the RecruitBot interface. This will bring down a dropdown menu–click on “Company Settings”.

From there, click on the “Email Outreach” section from the left column. That will bring up the ability to see the outreach templates for both single messages as well as drip campaigns.

(This is where, if you haven’t done so already, you’ll integrate your email account with RecruitBot.)

The single message templates allow you to determine the content of the messages you send to a candidate. You can create your own unique templates via the “Add New Template” button, or you can select a prewritten template that we’ve determined to be effective at maximizing outreach (these are also editable.)

Drip campaigns involve repeatedly sending messages to candidates over a specified period of time, in order to maximize candidate engagement and awareness. The interface is simple:

Drip 1 is the first message, Drip 2 the second, and so on–RecruitBot supports up to five separate drips. (More than that, and candidates will become rather annoyed with your persistence.) The “Days to delay” box just means how many days you’d like to postpone the drip from the initial outreach.

(In the example above, if I send Drip 1 on a Monday, Drip 2 will be scheduled to be sent on Thursday.)

And of course, if RecruitBot determines that the candidate has replied to one of your drips while the campaign is still going on, it will cancel the campaign immediately and you can go about messaging your candidate without fear of overwhelming them with unnecessary drips.