How Do I View the Recruiting Analytics in RecruitBot?

RecruitBot isn’t just an extraordinary tool for sourcing, screening, and reaching out to promising candidates. Because of our integrations with your email account, as well as our integrations with your ATS, RecruitBot will give you powerful insights into the effectiveness of each step of your recruiting process. Below, we’ll explain how to navigate to the analytics page, and how to make sense of the statistics you’ll see there.

From the main page in RecruitBot, click on the “Funnel Report” button at the top.

Now you’re in our main analytics page. Here you’ll see a soup-to-nuts report on all the steps in the recruiting pipeline.

You’ll see:

  • How many candidates you’ve reached out to;
  • How many of those people opened your email;
  • How many people responded to you;
  • How many people you’ve interviewed;
  • How many people you’ve hired.

And, of course, you’ll be able to filter these results by user, by position, and even by a specified time frame, like so:

In this way, you’ll get better insights into which steps of the recruiting funnel are working well, poorly, and everything in between. Pretty neat, right?