How Does RecruitBot’s Gmail Integration Work?

RecruitBot might be the most powerful recruiting tool in your utility belt, but it functions best when you take advantage of its integration with your Gmail account.

Of course, this is a purely optional feature, and it goes without saying that we’ll never abuse or take advantage of your data (check out our privacy policy here). But if you do decide to sync RecruitBot with your Gmail account, you’ll be able to:

  • Send emails from your own personal email to any candidate you find in RecruitBot from within the RecruitBot interface;
  • Get useful analytics about your outreach approach–how many people have opened your emails, and how many have responded to them, which can be found in the RecruitBot analytics page;
  • See the entire messaging history between you and a specific candidate, so you can manage all your correspondence in RecruitBot;
  • In the event of a candidate response, automatically update the candidate state to “Responded” to better manage your recruiting funnel.

Sounds helpful, right? And setting up the integration is so easy! Here’s how it’s done.

From your account page in RecruitBot, click on Company Settings from the drop down menu on at the top-right corner of the interface.

Then, click on the “Email Outreach” section from the left menu.

Click on the “Configure Email” button…

…and then the “Sign Up” button in the resulting pop-up window.

From there, you’ll be taken to an external browser window, where you can choose which of your Gmail accounts you would like to integrate with RecruitBot.

Google will give you one more chance to confirm that you do, in fact, wish to integrate your Gmail account with RecruitBot, as well as tell you what kind of permissions RecruitBot is requesting.

Now you’re ready to use RecruitBot to its fullest extent–sending emails to candidates, getting insights into how they’re interacting with your emails, and more easily moving people into different candidate states.