How Do I Search Through RecruitBot’s Database of Candidates?

RecruitBot’s partnerships with public and private data companies have allowed us to build and maintain the largest collection of candidate profiles in the world. With 100+ million U.S. candidates in our system (and hundreds of millions more globally), you’ll be sure to find thousands of worthy candidates for every single open position you have–whether you’re looking for software developers in San Francisco or payroll specialists in Mumbai.

We’ve created a simple interface to allow you to search through this database, so you can source many thousands of candidates that fit your precise queries. Here’s how it works.

From any position page, all you have to do is click the Search box at the top left to open up our modal…

…and then fill out the appropriate fields to generate your search.

You can search by location, company history, job title, school, degree, skills, whether or not our database has a personal email, and whether or not the candidates you’re looking for are women.

You’ll see up to 10,000 candidates from a single search, and of course each entry is prioritized by the likelihood you’ll want to reach out to that candidate, based on RecruitBot’s understanding of your own unique preferences. Afterwards, you can proceed as you normally would. Click into each candidate, evaluate them, and reach out to the best candidates all at once with a customizable one-off message or drip campaign.