How to Use RecruitBot to Search Your ATS

RecruitBot is a powerful recruiting tool which will allow you to source, screen, and reach out to any of 100+ million U.S.-based candidates, and it’s even more powerful when you integrate it with your ATS. If you opt to do so, you’ll be able to:

  • Update candidate states in your ATS when you change them in RecruitBot, and vice versa;
  • Help RecruitBot refine your ideal candidate profile by letting it learn from all of your previous interviewing decisions;
  • Search for candidates that have previously applied to your company, and might be a great fit for an open position you have now.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use RecruitBot to search through your ATS, and reveal potentially great candidates for your open positions that have applied to different ones.

The first step you’ll have to take is to integrate RecruitBot with your ATS. After you’ve done so, the first thing you’ll see when you login to RecruitBot is a list of positions you’ve associated with our product and linked from your ATS. Click into any open position to bring up its page.

Once you’re in the position page, you’ll notice that every applicant in your ATS has been ranked, reviewed, and sorted in descending order. Each star color means something different:

The green stars are automated rankings and reflect the decisions you’ve already made about the candidates in your ATS–one star for someone you’ve rejected or decided not to interview; and five stars for someone that you’ve reached out to, or want to reach out to. This helps RecruitBot improve its understanding of your ideal candidate, for when you either search our database for candidates, or when you import them yourself.

(Please note that, after the initial setup, the green stars may also reflect scores given by an actual human member of your team. But for the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll assume they represent the interviewing decisions from your ATS.)

The purple stars are RecruitBot’s ratings for candidates that you haven’t yet interacted with in your ATS. RecruitBot generates these ratings by analyzing your past interviewing decisions and finding the common factors in the resumes you’ve evaluated.

To mine your ATS for excellent candidates that haven’t yet applied to this specific open position, simply click on the “Recommend Candidates” button on the top left corner of the position page.

Doing so will apply RecruitBot’s ideal candidate profile rating to every resume in your ATS, and reveal all unassociated four- and five-star candidates you have there.

If you would like to search your ATS for candidates unassociated with this position by using a specific set of criteria, it’s easy to do. Simply enter the search terms in the “Search” box, also in the top-left of the position page, and then click on the “Unassociated” entry of the menu to the left. This will reveal, rank, and review each candidate in your ATS that matches your search criteria.