Founder User Journey

You’re a newfound CEO looking to form that first-rate team to take your company to the next level.

So you’ve got your newest venture started up.

Now what?

With increasing pressure to grow your team, you need to find the best people (and fast).

You raised! Congrats! But now you need more hands-on-deck…

You have already…

Relied on friends…and friends of friends…and friends of friends of friends and you’ve finally exhausted your network.

Determining who to hire is a convoluted task. In fact, there are entire departments (and agencies) dedicated to getting it right.

In the future, your HR team will handle it but for now, RecruitBot will let you do it yourself.

Very often a founder’s first hires are basically referrals.
Maybe this has worked, maybe it hasn’t, but we both know it’s not a scalable solution for your company’s hiring process.

You could:

  • Post on a job board.

Review through hundreds of resumes.  Because you don’t have a strong brand yet, you’re usually debating with yourself if they are good enough to talk to, and praying for a diamond in the rough

  • Reach out to active applicants.

Use something like LinkedIn, where response rates won’t be very high

  • Use an agency to reach out for you.

Spend a huge amount if they succeed – $20-40k / hire.
Still need to spend time calibrating them, so you can bring in the most relevant people


A better way forward—

what other CEOs/Founders are saying about

The ease of candidate discovery and emailing people is what I find most valuable, combined with price point. That kind of automated discovery and messaging is what’s most interesting and valuable.

Krishna Esteva

CEO/Founder, Stable.Auto

“The problem with LinkedIn Recruiter search is there’s nothing to generalize – I either get 2,000 candidates or 200 candidates. I don’t want to have to enumerate [the search criteria] – RecruitBot gives the ability to train your system to ask those questions and get the word out to places I literally would not have been able to penetrate.”

Mitch Adler

CEO/Founder, TechCatalyst

“Loved it because of how it let me work independently without waiting for HR/recruiting team support.”

Adele Maynes

Head of Anthropological Research & Strategic Innovation, Eventbrite

  • Work your way down the list of all suitable candidates– not filtering through irrelevant resumes.
  • Use Machine Learning to save 5x the time targeting ideal candidates, and because they are a better fit for you, they’ll be more likely to respond to you..  
  • Because you’re the one setting up the searches, and using the tool to provide direct feedback, you can start engaging with great candidates right away, and don’t need to spend time calibrating with other people. Many of our founders get on the phone with a candidate within a day or two, and make their first hires right after that.
  • Because you may not be well known by your customers yet, an email from the founder that seems more organic is going to be much more effective at getting someone to engage with you in conversation
  • Use automation to minimize the amount of time needed to get users to talk to you, for example leveraging drip campaigns to automatically follow up with organic messages that